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Reach & Wash System

Reach & Wash System

The reach and wash system was designed by professional window cleaners to improve the efficiency & safety of cleaning windows.

The system use 100% pure water, which has been extensively filter and purified to zero particles per million.

At Champion cleaning all our cleaners use 100% pure water & each vehicle carries a daily log which checks to ensure the water is 100% pure.

In the filtering process, the pure water becomes ironized, giving the water the minutest electrical charge, barely measurable. However, this is the secret to clearer & cleaner windows.

With 100% pure water the microscopic dust particles are exploded off the window glass itself, although this can only be seen under a microscope, it is the reason the windows will be cleaner and will remain cleaner for longer.

Further advantages of the pure water reach and wash system, is that the frames and sills can be cleaned every time leaving the windows looking pristine every time.

Our customers recommend us because of their windows remain cleaner for longer and at Champion cleaning each operative will check to ensure the job has been done to our exacting standards.

The reach and wash system also allows us to be able to clean safely from the ground up to 7 stories.

All of our vehicles are fitted with the correct equipment, for our professional cleaning team to arrive and be able to clean even the toughest of jobs and leave with our customers 100% satisfied.

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